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What We Offer

Jones Mechanical Contractors is ready to fulfill your specific project’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a few helpful tips or need an experienced professional to fully manage a project — we’ve got the tools and experience to guarantee success. Browse through our services below, and get in touch for an estimate today.

On-call Service and Maintenance

Our licensed service technicians are the best in the business, servicing your HVAC and/or electrical. We have the experience and knowledge to support you no matter what problem comes your way.

circuit breaker panel repair

Commercial and Residential HVAC

Looking for a reliable HVAC Contractor Company with extensive experience for your next project? At Jones Mechanical Contractors, we stand by the excellence of our work and provide clients with personalized attention based on their specific needs. If you’re looking for professional Commercial or Residential HVAC Installation, please get in touch for your consultation.

Industrial HVAC Installation

Commercial and Residential Electrical

Our certified electricians are able to meet all your needs. From new installs to remodels, we can assist you in every job to make sure your electrical work is working efficiently and safely.

Electrical Inspectors

Preventative Maintenance Contract

At Jones Mechanical Contractors, our clients are our number one priority and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied. With this service, we’re fully prepared to tackle even the most complex projects and stand by the exceptional quality of our work. We are equipped to handle monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually.  Call us today and find out more about what we can do for you.


Filter Maintenance and Replacement

Maintaining your equipment is important to make sure it lasts and works for you. Therefore, it is important to us. We are dedicated to helping you with every project.

Fixing an Air Conditioner

Air Purifier Installation

Inside our homes can be many contaminants that impair our overall quality of air. This can make the air inside our homes even more polluted than the air outside. Ventilation systems move this stale air out while bringing fresh air inside. However, often times our homes need assistance from an air purifier to remove contaminants and boost the overall quality of air inside. Air purifiers must work properly with the heating and cooling equipment inside our homes to be effective. Our team of experts can install and maintain these systems in order to increase your home’s air quality.

Air Purifier Installation

Pipe Fitting and Welding

When you’re looking for top quality work, Jones Mechanical Contractors is here to help. Our team of professionals is available to provide a wide range of customizable options, all guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations. Contact our office today to learn more about this and our other available services.

Custom Welding_2

Set Heavy Equipment

For any job, big or small, we are able to handle all logistics and onsite safety measures. Our objective is to make sure you are taken care of on every project. From air handlers to rooftop equipment, we take care of all your needs.  Jones Mechanical Contractors comes with a 10 million dollar umbrella policy for every project.

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